• TUBIFEX Blister packing 100ml
    is the wonderful feed for many fishes. It consists of Oligochaeta worms of class Oligochaeta, specimen Tubifex. Color of these worms is varied from rose to red and they are 20-40 mm long. It is ranked as the second most nutritious feed after mosquito grubs and very high-calorie, rich in proteins and fats. This variety of feed is digestible and because of that counter-indicative for many herbivorous fishes, for example, Tanganyika cichlids.  It was useful for young fishes of many specimens in the period of their quick growth. This feed packed in blister of NEON Company is treated and sterilized. In order to avoid some negative factors such as adipose and sterility we strongly recommend alternating the Tubifex feeding with other feeds.
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